About Me

I vividly remember walking through the door to Gib's Bike Shop in Lake Mills, WI for the first time. I was maybe eight or nine years old and, from that first whiff of rubbery new tire smell, my eyes grew as big as the wheels on the ceiling—and I was hooked. By age 13, I was hanging around regularly with the guys at The Bicycle Clinic. Despite their tight shorts and goofy hats, these pros opened my eyes to a whole new level of understanding of the most efficient machines on earth. These skills became invaluable when I secured the best college job around—bike shop mechanic—and even after I managed to get a 'real job' in the corporate world I still moonlighted by wrenching at the shop. I've always liked fixin' more than ridin' so, 25 years later, I've finally turned the passion into profession. When I say, "I want you to love your bike as much as I do," I really just want the chance to prove it. — Andy Quandt